U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition








The U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition was formed in 2018 by a group of American ME/CFS expert clinicians who have collectively spent hundreds of years treating many thousands of ME/CFS patients. Founding members have served on the expert panel that authored the National Academy of Medicine’s 2015 report on ME/CFS, have authored primers on clinical management, have contributed to the CDC’s medical education initiatives, and have served on the Health and Human Services’ CFS Advisory Committee before it was sunsetted in 2018. Many founding members have been and continue to be actively involved in ME/CFS research.

The goals of the ME/CFS Clinician Coalition are to:

  • Improve clinical care for patients with ME/CFS by promoting and advancing best clinical practices and by providing medical education and evidence-based recommendations
  • Expand the pool of medical providers with strong expertise in ME/CFS
  • Provide clinical insights to scientists to accelerate and promote advances in research

Since its first meeting in Salt Lake City in 2018, the Coalition has met annually. In 2020, the group significantly expanded and now includes additional ME/CFS expert clinicians and also clinicians knowledgeable in treating key comorbidities seen in ME/CFS.

Members of the Coalition include:

Dr. Lucinda Bateman – Internal Medicine, UT

Dr. Alison Bested – Hematological Pathology, FL

Dr. Hector Bonilla – Internal Med, Infectious Disease, CA

Dr. Bela Chheda – Internal Med, Infectious Disease, CA

Dr. Jennifer Curtin – Internal Medicine, CA

Dr. Tania Dempsey – Internal Medicine, NY

Dr. Theresa Dowell – Family Nurse Practitioner, AZ

Dr. Donna Felsenstein – Infectious Disease, MA

Dr. Stephanie Grach – Internal Medicine, MN

Dr. David Kaufman – Internal Medicine, CA

Dr. Nancy Klimas – Immunology, FL

Dr. Anthony Komaroff – Internal Medicine, MA

Dr. Charles Lapp – Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, NC

Dr. Susan Levine – Infectious Disease, NY

Dr. Benjamin Natelson – Neurology, NY

Dr. Daniel Peterson – Internal Medicine, NV

Dr. Richard Podell – Internal Medicine, NJ

Dr. Irma Rey – Internal & Environmental Medicine, FL

Dr. Ilene Ruhoy – Neurology, NY

Dr. Maria Vera-Nunez – Internal & Integrative Med, SC

Dr. Brayden Yellman – Rheumatology, UT

If you are a medical provider and interested in learning more, please reach out.